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Admission in 1st year

The ISBA entrance exam is open to all French or foreign candidates graduated with a high school diploma or equivalent. Candidates currently in the final year of high school or equivalent degree can register, but their admission will be subject to obtain their high school diploma. The entrance exam will last 2 days, 24 and 25 April 2018, and consists of:

- a written exam on general knowledge (3H), in French
- a practice test (2H), the candidate choose the medium
- a multiple-choice questionnaire on the second language (1H)
- an interview with a jury to discover the candidate’s personal works, motivation, open-mindedness, in French
Cost: 55€.

Downloadable registration form and appended documents will be available December 21 2017.

More details:

Registration deadline: March 17th 2018

Formulaire d’Inscription 2018
Modalités Concours d’Entrée 2018
Annexe 1 - Autorisation photographique
Annexe 2 - Questionnaire

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