Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon
Integrated preparatory class

The Superior Fine Arts Institute of Besançon (ISBA) has first signed a partnership agreement with the Gérard Jacot preparatory art school of Belfort and a second one with the preparatory class of Carcassone agglo.
These agreements are meant to integrate students in the first year of study at ISBA after continuous assesment and the evaluation by a board of examiners. The students selected by this board don’t have to pass the entrance examination. The students who are not selected by this board still can take the entrance examination.
More details:


The art school is art teaching institution subsidized by the City of Belfort, its main financier, the French Ministry of Culture (DRAC of Franche-Comté), the Conseil Régional of Franche-Comté, the European Social Fund, the Conseil Général of the Territoire de Belfort and the City of Montbéliard.
Located in the heart of the new Espérance area, near the old town and university and cultural facilities – Centre National Chorégraphique, ATRIA Convention Center, Louis Néel science university – the art school is settled in a completely renovated military building since 1997, provided by the City of Belfort and dedicated to Gérard Jacot, former Secretary-General of the City.
This building, about 1 900 m², is divided in classrooms and workshops dedicated to the teaching and practice of art, a library and exhibition spaces.
The art school employs a permanent team of ten lecturers, artists and visual artists granted with higher education – art school and university – diplomas.
Furthermore, ten external speakers, graphic art and visual communication professionals regularly work with the teaching staff.


The Fabrique des arts of « Carcassonne agglo » is a new cultural place (about 6 000 m²) that houses all the art learnings. This new facility comprises two services:

I ) Plastic Arts and image service:
- art practices workshops (amateurs and school learners)
- preparatory class for the entrance in superior art schools
II ) art teachings service – academy :
- Music
- Dancing
- Dramatic Art
Discovery and transversality are the two main words to qualify this new organization. We offer the students the possiblity to learn all the disciplines and to intertwine all these mediums. Our objective is to make our pupils and students grow with a desire to acquire all these means of expression in order to serve creativity and inventiveness.
The preparatory class of the Fabrique works to that point and takes advantage of all the teachings and of the facilities set up in the Fabrique des Arts: specialized classes, auditorium, media library, computer rooms, photo studio, video studio, Computer-assisted Music and digital arts, etc.
This new multidisciplinary approach leads us to different ways of teaching. We are in the heart of a revolution guiding our look to new prospects favorable to the artistic creation.

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