Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon
Résidence // Apu Dhar


My sensitivities are mostly surrounded by my mundane life. I was born and have lived all my life in Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh, which is enriched by the diversity of nature, culture, language, religion and ethnicity since ancient time. So my lifestyle and my way of thinking are well influenced by local nature, culture, values, aesthetics, politics through what i try to explore socio-political values, moralities and boundaries of contemporary world.

The residency at ISBA in France thanks to an exchange program set between Mr. Laurent Devèze, Director of ISBA and Mr. Raphaël Jaeger, Director of Alliance Française de Chittagong was my first step out of my country thus my first experience as someone exotic to others, the foreign one although I belong to the Hindu minority of Bangladesh. It gave me a very good opportunity to experience the social, cultural, political and philosophical differences and realities. Indeed, being among artists from all over the world during this three-month residency i tried to discover the new definitions of every aspect of life. In fact, for me it was the first true feelings of inter nationality at ISBA. I notably met the upcoming French artist who will be in residency in Chittagong from October 2015.

The very highly appreciation and patronization of Performance Art by ISBA was very encouraging for me and it was great to particiate at ‘Excentricités Festival’. It is a big platform to meet the performers from all continents, to watch their performances live and to make a global network as well. Moreover the classes and discussions at ISBA were very highly valuable and those made me more enthusiastic about philosophy as well as how to « see » my body within my artwork and more generally towards the society. The professional meetings and personal sharing helped me find different perspectives. And it was such an amazing feeling to be in front of old and contemporary masterpieces at the museums Paris, Ornans, Besancon and Lausanne. I would like to define this residency as a journey instead of a residency. This journey was full of "first times". At last i would like to sincerely thank ISBA for having taken my artistic virginity.

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