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6è Année - Post Diplôme


Programme Orienté Social Transmission Besançon Chalon-sur-Saône Dijon

The Burgundy Franche-Comté platform’s Post Diploma is a year of reflection, experimentation and work that should lead to a unique production that will have questioned its status and distribution. This production will be apprehended for its ability to bring the artist’s research and work closer to new audiences. The Post Diploma will lead to a school diploma and a public presentation to art professionals.

This program is designed for young artists who wish to question current models of art production and dissemination. Indeed, during their training, students mainly create a series of pieces and a thesis in parallel. The focus on the question of the exhibition, which does not easily meet with reality when leaving school, can prevent the development of other forms of creation more adapted to alternative dissemination and therefore no longer linked to today’s society.

In this study programme we will rethink models of presentation of works often inherited from the 19th century. The work of the artist must not be hindered by institutional conservatism, nor by the misdeeds of the commodification of artistic creation. This Post Master year thus aims to accompany each participant in thinking on the production of art, its role in society and its dissemination outside the usual exhibition space. It is based on a social dimension oriented on reflection, transmission and sharing.

While no theme will be imposed, the questions of borders - real and fantasized - of social commitment, ethics, politics, nomadism, cultures, languages and transmission will be addressed against nationalist and sectarian visions. Articulated around the invitation made to artists, theorists and art professionals, the POST BCD programme will thus provide the methodology and reflection necessary for the pursuit of research work and its dissemination/transmission outside the classical art channels.

How it will be carried out :
The program consists of 5 weeks of work and immersive reflections in several places and countries with each time one or more local guests. It also offers a professional experience in France or abroad in the form of an internship in an artistic structure related to the project, a mission or the continuation of a module in a partner school abroad. And finally, workshop time that allows the resources of the three schools, both technical and human, to be used.

- 5 sessions of 5 days each with meetings with artists or thinkers (October, November, December, May and June).
- 3 months of mobility from January to April (traineeship, experience or Erasmus+)
- production time in the workshops of the 3 schools (to be defined according to projects and specificities)

Registration and Tuition Fees :
1000 euros per year including the various living expenses for the 5 sessions (in addition, plan a budget for your transport from 200 to 600 € per year depending on your residence). Programme giving the possibility of scholarships for scholarship students and Erasmus/Regional scholarship or internship. All participants will be able to benefit from accommodation during the 5 sessions and many meals will be shared.

Access conditions :
Open to both artists and theoreticians, without selection of medium. However, the most innovative and nomadic forms will be privileged (video, radio, performance, conference, action, publishing, internet...).
For Europeans: Master’s level, for non-Europeans: Bachelor’s level + 2 years’ experience (possibility of taking the Master’s degree in VAE at ISBA). Compulsory understanding of French and English, fluency in writing and speaking French or English.
The jury will ensure as much as possible the constitution of a group of participants that reflects diversity in all its acceptances. Number of participants: between 8 and 12 max.

Procedures for selecting candidates :
Pre-selection on file and project, then individual interviews.
The application files, in digital PDF format (not to exceed 10 Megas), will include 1 portfolio, copies of the last diploma, 1 biographical note and a note of intention (3000 signs maximum), in which the candidate will explain the registration of the Post-BCD in his or her career path. They must be sent to the following address before 10th may 2020.

Programme manager: Philippe Terrier-Hermann (Besançon)
Associate professors: Claire Kueny (Besançon), Davide Bertocchi (Châlon), Lambert Dousson and Germain Huby (Dijon)

Session 2020/2021: Besançon Brussels Casablanca Chalon-sur-Saône Dijon
List of advisers (subject to change) Manon de Boer, Laetitia Chauvin, Laurent Devèze, Vincent Ganivet, Nathalie Guiot, Yvon Langué, Pierre Leguillon, Vincent Meessen, Sylvie Zavatta...

POST-BCD is a program supported by the Plateforme des écoles d’art publiques of Bourgogne Franche-Comté. With the support of Thalie Art Foundation – Brussels and Frac Franche-Comté, the Ministry of Culture and Burgundy Franche-Comte Region.

Formulaire d’Inscription POST BCD

This presentation is not contractual and is subject to change.

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