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Résidence // Apostolos Plachouris


Apostolos Plachouris was born in Marousi, Athens in 1979. He is an Associate Professor of Theatrical Studies in the Greek Primary Educational System. Plachouris teaches children (Sketch, European and American Comic) at ’Acouarella’ in Aigaleo, Attica. He has also worked as a volunteer teacher of Drawing for unemployed adults in cooperation with N. Oikonomidis , at the municipality of Halandri in Attica.Plachouris has illustrated classics (Tolstoi,Poe,Dickens,Zola, along with others), prosses and poetic collections of Greek and foreign writers. He collaborates with S. I. Zaharopoulos publications and ’Stigmi’ publications, as regular associate (illustrator). Plachouris has had sketches published by a number of newspapers and magazines in Greece (such as Avgi, Galera, Team, Exormisi, Thiteia, Tolmi tis Kritis, MMesa,En Delfois, e.o.) as well as the literary magazines ’Mandragoras’ and ’Oropedio’. He has also authored and illustrated a story titled ’Oneirospilia’ , S. Zacharakis Publications (shape 17×25, 64 pages). In 2012 he compiled and illustrated an anthology called ’Na tin sevesai tin nyhta’, Stigmi Publications (shape 12×14, 96 pages). As part of his broader interest in Art, Plachouris has participated in various music ensembles as a musician(Baroque recorder) and theatrical plays as a scenographer. 
Apostolis Plachouris is a graduate of the Philosophic School of Athens with a degree in Theatrical Studies. His thesis was on the ’No theatre’. After that he is accepted by the School of Fine Arts (Fourth workshop of drawing, Professor P. Haralampous) from which he graduates in 2011. In the meantime he also follows the Scenography workshop of the School of fine Arts run by professors Lilly Pezanou and Vassiliki Psarrou. In 2012 Plachouris accepts a scholarship in the form of Residence from the Institute Superieur des Beaux Arts De Besancon in France (September-December).In 2013 he attends a 32-hour course titled ’’Intercultural Dimensions of Performace’’ arranged by Dimosthenis Agraphiotis during a performance seminar called ’’Modern Tendencies and Practices of Performing Art’’
. Apostolos Plachouris is currently preparing for a personal exhibition alongside with the writer Giorgos Gotis, at the Cultural Centre of Athens ’Melina’, beginning on the 18th of September 2014. Earlier this year, he was awarded with a distinction at the 14th Caricature Exhibition, at Lafisti in Livadia. He participated in the group exhibition, ’Eidos-Modern Artists in Greece’ in Besancon-France. And also in a performance titled GPS, part of the Video-Performance Exhibition at BETON 7 (in collaboration with Vassiliki Psarrou).
In 2013 Plachouris organised his personal exhibition ’Four Young Visual Voices’, at the Aetopoulio Cultural Centre, Municipality of Halandri. He participated in various group exhibitions such as : ’Aerodromio’ in the ’Acropolis’ room of the ISBA school in Besancon, France. ’Twelve Young Artists’ (arranged by Lida Kazantzaki) at the ’Melina’ Cultural Centre of Athens. ’1st Sketch-Comic and Caricature Festival, main subject CRISIS (Municipality of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki). ’Skies stin poli - CS Project’ (Renaissance festival in Rethimno, Crete). ’Epitelesi’ (perfomance) , a concept on ’fluid identities’, Part of the Athens Photo Festival , (Technopolis Municipality of Athens). Plachouris also contributed to two exhibitions, ’epitelestikes en-katastaseis’ by Dimosthenis Agrafiotis(BETON 7) and ’Polytexneio - 40 years’ (Chryssothemis Galerry). In 2012 Plachouris traveled to France and had a personal exhibition ’Topos’ at the ’Sous Sol’ exhibition room in Institute Superieur des Beux Arts in Besancon(ISBA). He also took part in three group exhibitions. ’Skies stin poli - The CS Project’ (Vrisaki Living space of Art and Action). ’90 years from the Catastrophe in Asia Minor, an artisic testimony from Ionian artists’,(Municipality of Nea Ionia). ’Ten School of Fine Arts graduates at conceptstores SHOP’ ( Athens School of Fine Arts-Liaison office).
In 2011 was the group exhibition ’Laughter crisis in Lafisti’ (Municipality of Livadia, Caricature exhibition) in Lafisti. In 2010 Plachouris was honored to be a member of the group exhibition ’The Sotiria Project - Memory and Illness in Visual Art’ ( Athens School of Fine Arts,Sotiria Hospital). And also the group exhibition ’Time-Memory’ , Leonidas Kanellopoulos Cultural Centre (Municipality of Elefsina). In 2009 there were three group exhibitions. ’Bipolarity and Art’, At the Athens School of Fine Arts. ’Polisimeia’, at the Folklore Museum of Aegina. And ’Young Artists’ , Cultural Centre of Nea Ionia, Panaitolio. In 2008 Plachouris participated in the group exhibition ’Direct Democracy for Joseph Beuys’ , situated in the Athens School of Fine Arts. And in 2007 he took part in the group exhibition ’Creation’ , organised by the Municipality of Athens and the Athens School of Fine Arts, located in the ’Varvakios Agora’ (Central Market of Athens). 
Apostolos Plachouris lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Αs an artist Plachouris uses a variety of materials and expressional means in order to create his own ’space’. Sketches, etchings, sculptures, ready mades that generate images in which fiction and reality meet,. He is inviting the spectator to motion the formation of this space by using intelectual processes and thought. Plachouris often creates work by taking daily life as subject matter while commenting on the aesthetic of everyday values.

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