Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon
Résidence // Yoshitaka Yazu


The characters inside a painting are limited to stand in flatness, unable to know what it is like to move inside a cube. In our human world, what we perceive is just one side ; the rest is ouside of our perception. However, the breadth of the perceptible world is not fixed, with its change we can perceive what is normally not seen. Probably it goes the other way, making some things imperceptible.
Our daily perceptions coming from the outside world brought us to invent (through imagining death) gods, ghosts and Yōkai*. Separated by a sheet of frosted glass, “here” and “there” are suspended like silhouettes of each other.
I believe that praying, enshrining and creating art work have the same meaning allowing us to glimpse into the other side by polishing this frosted glass.
*Yōkai (literally demon, spirit or monster) are a class of preternatural creatures in Japanese folklore. Yōkai generally have a sort of spiritual power.

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